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In honor of the spirit and life of Marla Ruzicka.


Cindy Sheehans announcement at the Veterans For Peace National Convention in Dallas, TX early in August, to travel to Crawford to await a meeting with the President and to remain there until he agreed to see her was one of the boldest and bravest gestures a mom could make. In this action, Cindy has provided another focus for families in America to oppose this foolish war. To follow Cindy and support her mission click Meet With Cindy dot Org and Bring Them Home Now Tour.


-=> Information for all members of the U.S. military (Active Duty, NG, Reserves AND Military Families!) those thinking of enlisting and especially High School students.
-=> Alternative News Sources (print, online & air);
-=> Authors and Reporters;
-=> Activist Organizations;
-=> Information on Middle East & Afghanistan
-=> Cultural Manifestations

Each entry is in the form of a link. Links to media are updated automatically, so the link this week, will not reveal the same story as next weeks, or even tomorrow. Bookmark these pages and check back frequently. Also, please email me with links and suggestions. Thanks to Veterans For Peace & our friends for many of the links on these pages.


IT IS NOT against any law of the United States or our Armed Forces to refer this site to anyone in the Armed Forces or someone who is thinking of enlisting or who is being duped by parasitic recruiters. It is NOT even against any military law or code to read this page while in uniform. American soldiers have the same right of free speech as you or I with some exceptions. Access to information i.e. reading material, are among the rights American soldiers, as of this writing still posess, and are not subject to ANY exceptions or restrictions!

American Soldiers & Military Families:

Are you seeking information about how to get yourself or brother, sister, lover, mom, dad or child home safely and quickly?
Do you require resources for counseling or military law?
Are you dealing with effects of PTSD in your home or family?
Do you just want someone who also has a child in uniform to talk with?

---==>>Excellent Source with Links: Soldiers Blog Dot Com
Campus Antiwar Network
Central Committee on Consciensious Objection - CCCO
Citizen Soldier
Country Joe McDonald On Vets & The War
GI Rights Hotline
Gold Star Families for Peace
Iraqi Veterans Against the War
Leave My Child Alone.
Military Families Speak Out
Military Law Task Force
email: San Diego Military Counseling Project
Veterans For Peace



More Resources for Veterans, Active Duty & Families

Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW)
Veterans Speakers Alliance of Bay Area
Bring Them Home Now
Code Pink Alert
Eyes Wide Open 1575 Pair of Boots Laid Out and Counting
Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
Kevin Benderman Defense TRIAL BEGINS MAY 11
Swift Smart Vets
Smedley Butler Society


If you are a member of the Armed Forces of the United States and do not want to occupy Iraq or are under orders to Iraq or already in country, and do not care to be part of an occupying military force please remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW ILLEGAL ORDERS! And, you do not have to kill if it is against your religious beliefs!


More Sabotage Information & Support

"Why can't we learn from our history in Vietnam and the experiences of the French in Algeria and the Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza that no occupation by an army of "the other" is ever welcome? Only last week, Israel's army chief of staff issued a warning on the limits of an occupying power to achieve its goals through the exercise of military force. "It increases hatred for Israel and strengthens the terror organizations," Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon told Israeli reporters, adding:"In our tactical interests, we are operating contrary to our strategic interests." Robert Scheer, How Many Body Bags

Al Jazeera Net
Anti War Dot Com
Arab World News
Common Dreams
Count er Punch Links
Christian Science Monitor
Center for Media & Democracy : Daily Spin
Dissent Magazine
FAIR: Fairness & Acuracy In Reporting
Flying Snail
Global Research
The Guardian (London) Unlimited
Independent Digital News
Indy Media
Iraq Body Count
Middle East Realities
Mother Jones
Pacific News Service
PeaceN et
The Progressive Magazine
The Nation
Tom Paine / Common Sense
Z mag


Airwaves Online

Bad Subjects
Between The Lines
Counter Spin
Democracy Now!
The Al Franken Show
Free Speech Radio
IndyMedia Radio Network
Jim Hightower
KPFA, Berkeley
Media File
Media Channel
Mother Jones Magazine
Short Wave Radio
PBS Online


"Kids can't see us bombing, and then listen to us talking about getting guns out of the schools. . .How can we tell them to solve problems without violence, if, in fact, we can't show an ability to solve problems without violence?" Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Dem. Oakland/Berkeley (9th Dist.)


U.S. Muslim Community, East & Central Asia

Pakista n Virtual Library Columbia Univ db
History of Opium in Afghanistan & Region
Images of Afghanistan 1976-78 by Douglas R. Powell
American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
International Center of Bethlehem





Global Exchange
Middle East Children's Alliance
CIVICThe Work of Marla Ruzicka Continues!
Catholic Worker
Iraq Body Count
Speak Out
National Lawyers Guild
U.S. Elected Officials By Project vote
Occupation Watch
Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
Peace Action - Formerly Sane/Freeze
International Action Center Ramsey Clark
SF Independent Media
Working Assets
War Resisters League


Quotes From The Horse's Ass

Who Said This?
Quotes From Deranged Punditz

Thanks to Angus MacKenzie, Bob Sarles, Col. Flowing Waters of Vets for Peace (long bored internet surfer!), Shady Grove, Nobody, Krassner, Kesey, PunMaster Music Wire, Chris Darrow & others, especially investigative reporters & most especially "war correspondents and photojournalists" who refuse to play dead or dumb, for their efforts in uncovering and publicizing links and information we desperately need to remain informed while we deal once again with the everlasting karma of a nation hell-bent on domination and war to achieve its goals.

"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!" Mother Jones

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