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Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light Psychedelic Projections mixes a combination of Liquid Light (Liquidlight or "oils"), live real-time video, original movie clips, & unique and original psychedelic graphics into state of the art animation technology to create multi-layered imagery that is projected onto walls, screens, or fabrics ceilings, floors and dancers. [Continue Reading At]:


Rainbow Puddle on Broadway! Eugene O'Neill Theater, New York City

Rainbow Puddle is delighted and honored to have been asked to contribute to the visual effects in the Broadway presentation of "Fela."

Liquid Light is beautifully spread across the stage and projected throughout the house in two production numbers!

Great play, with awesome energy (dance and song), that backs a great story and subject line!


Photo & Video Albums

Several photo and video albums contained herein. Some very new imagery. [Continue Reading At]:


Burning Man 2006

Most of the following clips were prepared for Burning Man 2006 and ran in several installations including SPECTRE and the Air Ship. Copyright Rainbow Puddle. Email phoenix at rainbowpuddle dot com for information about how these visuals might brighten and enliven your party or event. Logos and event specific visuals are our specialties. [Continue Reading At]:


Liquid Light Stock

For the first time ever, San Francisco style, Liquid Light stock footage is now available in multitudes of layers and colors. These clips were created using the old San Francisco style; colors and clocks and hands- on mixing via analog overhead projectors in the style historically known as San Francisco Liquid Light Show. [Continue Reading At]:


Very Psychedelic Graphics

All these paintings were accomplished digitally using a variety of programs. Since children are often in this space, for reasons I can not possibly fathom, I must state this disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, drugs were not used during the construction of these symbols. To the best of my knowledge, oh, I said that! [Continue Reading At]:


Liquid Light - Photos

The following Galleries contain stills pulled from video as well as digital stills. All images copyright Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light 1999 - 2001 and may not be used commercially without permission. For wallpaper or web page backgrounds, help yourself and kindly include credit. If you've any pictures of shows upon which I've splashed Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light, and would like them published here, please be in touch. [Continue Reading At]:


SF International Festival of Illumination

A Rainbow Puddle Production with Associates to be named later, other guests, and seventy-five of the planet's finest video, light and visual projection artists. [Continue Reading At]:



Lightshow Artists & Art, Party Producers, Decorators, Photographers, Mad Physicists, Burner, Museums, Other Resources, Light, Visual & New Age Artists, Bands & Music, Friends & Family, and Links For The Mind & Body. [Continue Reading At]:


Syosset High School Class of 1965

Welcome to Syosset High School's Class of 1965. [Continue Reading At]:


Video Stills for Burning Man 2005

The following stills were taken from video clips I've been creating for Burning Man. All video by Rainbow Puddle, shot on location at Berkeley Marina, Fire Arts Festival at The Crucible in Oakland and in my studio. [Continue Reading At]:


All Things Burning Man


Rants, Stories, & Poems


Ken Kesey Memorial Pages


Cool Stuff


byEd Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal's "Zero Tolerance," a natural herbal Pesticide will give you the power to "Just Say No" to mites, thrips whiteflies, powdery mildew and many other common garden pests. With "Zero Tolerance" you can "Just Say No" to worry and stress, and let your garden grow. [Continue Reading At]:


Music Writers & Rock Fans: You've heard his drumming for years! Can you help get Gary Chester recognized for his 15,000+ studio sessions and inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame! Visit Gary's new website.

WHERE is Kate Grady SF, Larry Rothschild, Jane Gold, & Sue Seibel (NYC) or Larry (Lawrence D.) Smith (PA) ? That you? Know them? Please click names and be in touch. Also, anyone at (Hawthorne Cedar Knolls) HCKS 1963- 64, Donna Tribideaux, etc. please email me.

These pages are dedicated to all light artist wizards whose visions lit a path to our creativity, and of course the chemicals themselves that lent us those magnificent lenses and peripherals to see our own visions more clearly. And finally, to you, the end user of these pages. Enjoy.

VJ Rainbow Puddle
Rainbow Puddle VJ Phoenix
Photo by Randy Merin, fixins by Phoenix
" . . .his job is to shed light and not to master." Robert Hunter
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